Vacation, hotel life.

Alright, as promised, a recap of my trip.

First, we stayed at the Occidental Grand Cozumel which had two pools and the most wonderful beach.

Most days went like this:
-6:30 - wake up, shower
-8:00 - buffet breakfast
-9:00 - head to the beach
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-9:05 - claim a canopy bed
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-9:10 - enjoy the view
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-10:00 - take the Hobie Cat out for a sail
-11:00 - snorkle (I saw a barracuda!)
-12:00 - buffet lunch
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-1:00 - back to the beach
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-2:00 - hang out by the pool
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-3:00 - relax in the shade
From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

-5:00 - sunset and back to the hotel…sand flees come out after dark!
-5:15 - shower
-5:30 - read or nap
-6:30 - buffet dinner (so much food!)
-8:00 - back to the hotel for bed
-9:00 - watch various performances in the courtyard (including a fiesta one night where I won a hat in a game of darts)
-10:00 - shower (sand and sunblock, the banes of my existence!)
-10:30 - bed

Up next, various adventures outside of the hotel!


  1. oh fabulous! thank you for the first photos. you got up mighty early every day!
    sand fleas, ouh. i'd leave then, too :) and those canopies! pretty, pretty. more, please. if you can tear yourself away from edward for a moment.

  2. You're welcome. It turns out that Cozumel is in the same time zone as Minnesota and since I wake up around 6:30 for work every day, that's when my body wanted to wake up in Mexico. It wasn't bad, though. I'm definitely a morning person and there was more to do at the hotel in the mornings than at night.

    Oh man, Edward. I feel weird when I go too long without reading more of my book. It's pretty sad, actually.

    I'll have the rest of the trip posted today. :)


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