Simplicity, soap and scrubbing.

This entry is about simplicity. I’ve written it and revised it about seven times and each version ends up more complicated than the last. I’m terribly bad at keeping things simple.

The holidays are a prime example. Usually I come up with a list of things to make for friends and family and then get horribly overwhelmed because I can’t stick to my list. Usually my list is just too complicated from the start.

This year I blindly started down the same path but I think I’ve stopped myself in time. To make this year a little easier, a little simpler, I’ve decided to buy handmade items from artists who make things I wish I could make.

For example, I wanted to make soap for all my friends and family. Instead of spending the two months before the holidays buying supplies, making test batches and eventually burning my loved one’s skin off, I bought handmade soap from a lovely woman who lives right here in Minnesota.

Twilight Soap

Lynn at Olive Branch Soap made this gorgeous bar inspired by the Twilight books and movie. It has a sweet apple scent with just a hint of spices. I tried it this morning and wished I had an excuse to take another shower.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap

This is her Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap that won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair. This bar is completely unscented yet it smells just like a piece of Bit’O’Honey candy. She uses goat’s milk and an unheard of amount of honey. I used this to wash my face and it was divine.

I bought many other scents but they're all destined for people who aren't me. I can’t say how good they are since I haven’t tested them but I hope everyone likes them as much as I liked the first two.

Accompanying each soap will be my tiny handmade contribution: crocheted facecloths.

Small Crochet Dishcloth/Washcloth

They’re about 4”x4” and have a darling (if I do say so myself) picot edging. I’ll probably make some with a plain border as well.

So that’s it for now. I’ll show you some of the other things I’ve ordered once they get to my house.


  1. I *love* soap - it's the perfect gift - useful and special and when you're starting to get tired of it, it disappears. I keep my little scraps of soap in the kitchen and that's like an extra treat. Soap has been on my please-buy-me-this list for a few years now. (Such a dork.)

  2. I would love a gift of soap as well. I asked Ian why he doesn't give me soap and he says that soap isn't a good gift. What? That's crazy talk!

    I like your scrappy soap idea. Do you have a favorite brand or seller?


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