A spur of the moment trip.

Oh my…it’s official. I’m going to Mexico. In three weeks!

I’ve never been to Mexico and I wasn’t even planning on going until this weekend. My grandma is taking her sister and her daughters (my mom and aunts) for a week long stay at a resort in Cozumel over the holidays. I wasn’t really invited…there was the whole “if you go then I have to pay for your cousin, etc” thing…but I offered to pay for myself and that changed everything.

I initially freaked out about clothing…I don’t even own a pair of shorts and you can’t buy them here in Minnesota right now. I went to Italy and Switzerland this summer and bought some things for the trip that I can use on this one, like capris and sandals. (Check out my trip photos if you’d like.)

Orange Ruffle

I’d like to make a couple of wrap skirts and possibly some sundresses. I probably won’t make a sundress unless I can find the fabric that’s already smocked…I should check the fabric store to see if they still have some laying around.

Anyway, I’m really very excited and can hardly wait to walk in the warm ocean. I’ve only been to the Washington/Oregon coast…that’s some cold water! I’ll post skirt pictures as soon as I finish one.