Confession and indecision.

I’m just a bit obsessed. With a quilt pattern. That I used to hate.

I’m not too proud to admit it…I used to hate Bento Box quilts. I don’t know why. It probably had to do with the fact that everyone loved them so much. I also think I hadn’t seen any that I really liked. Whatever the reason, I was pretty certain I’d never make one.

Then I saw this quilt and, well, I admit that my hatred was possibly a little hasty. Probably hasty. Oh alright, it was hasty.

I also love this and this and this and this. And now I’m obsessed!

And I’m filled with indecision. Indecision is my biggest problem as a crafter and, well, as a person. The project goes along just fine until I have to make a decision that will impact the whole thing, a decision that stops the project in its tracks until I make a decision…and then I just can’t choose. And then the project never gets finished.

My current indecisions are:
-Do I make the blocks 12” or 15”?
-Should I make this large enough to fit on the daybed? If so, how far should it hang over? If not, what size should it be?
-Should I make it with white like the first quilt or no white like the second?
-What colors should I use? Pinks? Pinks/oranges? Pinks/greens? All three? Lots of colors? One color?

If I want it to fit on the daybed, I need to make it around 80”x80”. The closest I can come to this is by using 13.5” finished blocks and arranging them 6x6 to make 81”x81”. It’ll shrink a little with quilting and washing and should fit on the bed perfectly.

The more I think about it, I’d sort of like a mishmash of color so I think I’ll skip the white. I have a huge stack of fabric that I bought months ago but I’ve been too chicken to actually cut it.

Wait! Don’t you think the blue/green fabrics here would make a wonderful tiny bento? Paired with white the way that first green quilt was?

Amy Butler, Midwest Modern fabric

It would certainly be faster and more manageable but then I wouldn’t have anything I could actually use. Oh no, what’s a girl to do?

Ugh, indecision…