Caballo y carro.

Oh no, it seems like I won't have time to post about my trip today. I did manage to set up all my pictures so it'll be easy to post something once I have two minutes to think about what I want to say. Until then, here's the only picture I have of me in Mexico:

From Cozumel, Mexico 2008

We were driving through the city of San Miguel while waiting for the ladies to finish their shopping. The focus was accidentally on me and not the horse and buggy. A serendipitous accident, I think.

You can click the link to see all my pics if you don't mind seeing them again when I write about my trip. If you want to wait, I promise to post something better tomorrow.


  1. hey, thanks for the photo! i like it a lot.

    yes, i have not read twilight yet either. so i am crystal-before-the-obsession. it sounds like i'd rather not start then. also, you might not want edward to have another girlfriend beside yourself :-D
    could we please please please see a photo of the sewing room pre-cleanup? ;)

  2. Haha...yes, my advice is to save yourself some heartache! Don't read the books. Ok, that was a should read the books. I can handle some healthy competition. :)

    I'm rediscovering just how romantic I used to possible I though love like that could be. Life has a way of squashing those feelings and it's been nice to revisit them, if only for a few weeks.

    Oh my want to see my sewing room before the cleanup? Alright, if you insist! I'll take a picture before I work my magic tonight.


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