As christmassy as I get...

So, this weekend I did not work on a bento box quilt. With only two weeks until I leave town, I decided it would be best to work on holiday gifts. The bento will have to wait.

First, I saw this tutorial on making a quilted mini wreath and thought my mom might like one. A little bit of pattern drawing, a little bit of fabric stash digging, a little bit of paper piecing and a lot of time later:

quilted wreath

Then I made the tiniest bias binding ever…¼” and very fussy. I didn’t dare sew it on by machine:

quilted wreath

Then I picked out buttons from my stash. I think the wreath needs a little decoration:

vintage buttons

I’ll sew on the buttons and the loop sometime this week.

My second project for the weekend was inspired by the world’s most gorgeous potholders. My mom loves rainbow colors, I love making quilts (mini quilts count) and so I got to work:

quilted potholders

So far I only have the “tops” finished for red, green, blue and purple. I’ll work up the orange top tomorrow night as well as cut the backing and binding strips for the rest. I don’t have any yellow fabric in my stash so I had to order some this morning. Dang! I also had to order some Insul-Bright which should be here later this week.

quilted potholders

And, if you have the time/inclination to decorate your whole house in quilting fabrics, check out these great tutorials for quick patchwork dishcloths, reversible rickrack napkins and even a patchwork kitchen mat.


  1. your button stash! i want a button stash, too.
    my, all that pretty. how long have you been quilting?

  2. I've been quilting for just over two years. Here's a link to the first quilt I made. It was for my boyfriend:

    And yes, buttons are nice! I got them from my mom who got them from other they're old and new and everything in between. I'm using up all my red ones for this gift, though. I'm going to need to go button hunting one of these days.

  3. I want to see a completed picture of the green one for your mom!


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