Leaving on a jet plane...

Alright, just stopping in at the boyfriend's house to steal some internet. I just made it back from the cabin despite the ice and snow. I'll be at my house in a few minutes where I'll do some laundry, some packing and some last minute cleaning. Then to bed early to catch the 4:30am train to the airport.

I'll be back next Tuesday with pictures and stories of my travels! Have a great holiday week!


  1. what puh-reeeetty paper chains! dear lord! my, how pretty. you are incredibly brilliant and creative!

    i just read your last few entries. ha! i don't want babies either. nice to know that there's someone else out there. no kids = more time for crafts, no?

    i hope you're having a sunny time in mexico and look forward to photos and stories! and to having you back in blogland, of course :)

  2. now that i have looked at all your quilts in awe, would you maybe write an entry about how you got to quilting? i'd really like to know.
    also, i'm looking for a mentor. hrhr ^^

    hope you had a great vacation!


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