The Great North Woods

It’s finally time. My boyfriend and I will be heading up north tomorrow after a leisurely brunch at his house. At first I was indifferent to the idea of spending four days at the cabin. After 20 some years of cabin life, occasional weekends aren’t really things to get excited about.

Now as the trip draws nearer, I’m warming to the idea…I might even be excited by the idea! Perhaps I’ve come to appreciate the cabin in ways I just couldn’t when I was younger. Or maybe I’m just overwhelmed and I need some time away. Or maybe I’m just so excited to eat Thanksgiving dinner that it’s clouding my judgment?

Regardless, I’m looking forward to our mini-break and can’t wait to hop in the car tomorrow and start our 2-3 hour journey north.

I need to pack tonight and I plan to bring lots of fun things to keep me entertained. Like Laura's gift…I can finish it this weekend if I try. And the book I bought in Venice but forgot about until just recently: Venetian Legends And Ghost Stories: A Guide To Places Of Mystery In Venice . And Mansfield Park, which I’ve been reading for a while but can’t really get into. I think the plot is just about to pick up, though. And movies…like Rushmore and…well, that’s the only one I want to watch right now so…

And check this out, the world’s most beautiful quilting fabric by Tula Pink. It won’t be out until the spring, though. How will I possibly wait that long! I want to buy most of the 34 prints, make a quilt and then hoard the rest until my dying day. In fact, I should make my coffin liner out of it. Actually, I don’t think I want to be buried so I’m not really sure how I can incorporate this fabric into my death without cremating it along with my body…and that just seems wrong. Perhaps I’ll have to reconsider the burial at sea idea. It would be fitting in so many ways. I’ll get back to you on this.

For now though, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Maybe I’ll post from the cabin but my parents only have dial-up. The horror!