So much soap!

Wow, looking for soap on etsy is even more overwhelming than I could have imagined. Pretty much everyone I know will be getting some handmade soap for the holidays this year and since I don't have time to learn how to make it myself, I need to buy it.

Things I’m looking for: all vegetable/nut fats/oils, pretty colors (swirls preferably), 4-5 oz for around $5, simple scents, cold processed (no melt and pour), additives like oatmeal or seeds for exfoliation.

I searched for an hour yesterday and came up with several products that met the above criteria. But then shipping was pretty expensive which made the dollar per bar cost more than I’d like to spend on a soap that I haven’t smelled in real life.

Then I realized I could just buy handmade soap right here in Minnesota! What a novel concept. I found one store that sells Dragon’s Blood scented soaps and that sealed the deal.

The shop has odd hours so I’m hoping to drive out there early next week. I’m optimistic they’ll have what I want. If not, I guess it’s back to etsy.


  1. countrycottagesoaps has great soap, glorious scents, terrific prices - but not the additives you want. I have bought scads of her soap off Ebay and love it to pieces.

  2. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I really appreciate's just so overwhelming when you search for something and get a million listings.

    I don't need all the bars to have additives so I'll definitely check it out.


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