Bright colors for a dreary day.

I've come to terms with the fact that winter is here but I'm not ready to give up bright summery colors just yet. I think I'll topstitch this scarf this weekend so I can wear it with my new winter coat.

bright colors for a dreary day

I think it'll look especially nice on a grey day like today. It'll be all bright and cheery and maybe, just maybe, it'll remind me that we'll see the sun again eventually. It's been one long dreary week.

I hope everyone has a nice, sunny weekend (in spirit if nothing else).

hand embroidery and button!


  1. Okay, I have to know if those buttons are actually two buttons, a white and orange, or just one really cute button with two collars!!!

    And is this a cotton scarf? Did you add any batting or anything for warmth? or is this fleech and did I not get a good enough look?

  2. Yes, they're two buttons sewn on top of each other. I wish I had cute double layer buttons but, sadly, I have none!

    And the scarf is made out of two layers of quilting cotton. Initially I put some cotton batting inside for warmth but then it was bulky and ugly so I took it out. Next time I'll back it with flannel but I didn't have any and wanted to finish it up.

    I think it'll be nice to wear on a mild day since all I need my scarves to do is keep the wind off my neck. I'll save the fuzzy yarn ones for the colder days.


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