Working from Home Capsule Wardrobe: Goals

Working from home is presenting some different clothing challenges than I'm used to.  I no longer have a use for my slacks, blouses and fitted blazers.  I don't really need to coordinate an entire outfit that looks good from all angles.  

Instead, I need clothes that are comfortable, are good colors for my complexion and that look nice on a video call.  I want to look and feel professional but in a more casual way than if I were at the office.

I also need clothes for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.  At the office, it's a consistent temperature with very little humidity and I mostly wear cardigans/blazers all year round.  But at home, with no central air conditioning, I'm at the mercy of the weather.  Fall in Minnesota can be 90 degrees and humid one day, 50 degrees and dry the next.  

With these conditions in mind, my fall/winter work from home wardrobe must be flexible, contain mix and match layers and also various types of stand-alone shirts ranging from thin 3/4" length sleeves to warm winter sweaters.  I would like to keep a consistent color palette, most likely navy and forest green for now (although I might not be able to resist adding in berry pink at some point).

Usually bottoms are part of a capsule wardrobe but for my purposes, I will mostly be focusing on tops.  I have a pair of shorts to wear on the hot days, I'll wear jeans most days and maybe lounge pants on days I don't have meetings (or "casual Fridays" that still a thing?).  

I will be incorporating items I already own into my capsule wardrobe, some handmade, some store-bought.  I would like to make use of my perfectly good clothes that fit me right now and don't see the need to start from scratch to have a 100% handmade wardrobe.  That is a dream for someday but right now I prefer practicality.

And finally, I would like to use fabrics and patterns I already have in my stash.  It's tempting to go on a buying spree but after taking a look, I see I have some perfectly good fabrics that will go with my color scheme.  I also have a few patterns I'd like to focus on to keep things simple, at least at the beginning.  

I'm excited to get started.  I'm working up a plan so I know what items I have and what I need to make or buy.  More on this soon!


  1. I'm excited to see what you make! I haven't sewn much for myself in a very long time, but I'm thinking of getting back into it. Have it on my to-do list to take an inventory of the fabric I already have and look at the patterns in my stash and see what might work to get started. I'm a little nervous about it, if I'm honest!


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