Return of the Wonky Log Cabin!

Remember when everyone was making "wonky log cabins"? The year was 2009 and I thought I'd try my hand at making some. I didn't have a lot of fabrics then, I wanted this quilt to be scrappy but I only had a few greens that "went together". I don't think I really understood scrappy back then.

I made a big stack of blocks with much enthusiasm but I had no idea what I wanted to do with them so I put them away for six years. When I found them again, I decided to just finish up the quilt with a white background. Then the quilt top sat for another 2 years before I quilted it.

It's weird how dated this quilt seems to me. There was so much talk then about the modern quilting movement. What it meant to be modern, what qualified as modern. All that drama only to have those quilts feel old-timey just a few years later.

This quilt reminds me of the good and bad of those days. I met some of my very best friends through modern quilting blogs but I also worry about having offended people at that very same time.

They were good times, though. Such a spirit of community, such dialogues! People had opinions, people commented. It wasn't about "liking" and "friending". It was about thinking and pondering and putting in the work, crafting beautiful quilts and blog posts where real thoughts and real people not only lived but thrived. This quilt is a part of that, a time capsule of days long gone.

While I may not love this quilt anymore, I absolutely LOVE the quilting! I need to remember to try this again sometime. I also love the fabric I used for the back, the floral fabric feels both soft and crisp, like a summertime sheet on a tiny twin bed in a lakeside cabin in the woods. You know what I mean, right?


  1. I remember that! Though I was a long time sewist. I took up quilting in 2009 and just when I was learning to cut straight with a rotary cutter, everyone was going crooked! Was it you who had another blog about modernizing old quilt blocks? I have followed you forever!

    1. Those were the days, right? Yes, that was me. I actually just posted the quilt that I made out of the blocks from that blog. It was a weird, fun time. I would change so many things about that old blog/project if I could.


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