A Little Quilt Story

Years ago, my friend Jen and I were working on a Dresden Plate quilt together. We were each going to make half the Dresdens she needed for a bed quilt. She sent me a bunch of fabric which I used to sew up a bunch of Dresdens. It was a fun project, I'd never made a Dresden Plate before. And they turned out really cute!

Jen let me keep the leftover fabric and one day, years later, I just felt like making a little quilt top. No reason, just for fun.

Jen and her family bought their first house this last fall. I was so excited for her, finally a space to call her own, to decorate and change however she wanted! And, a sewing room just for her!

I finished up this little quilt and sent it to her as a housewarming/birthday gift. It's just a little quilt with a little quilt story. Sometimes those are the sweetest.