Nested Diamonds

January has been a fun and creative month! I've mostly been quilting and planning stashbusting quilts. For my low volume strips quilt, I decided on the nested diamonds quilting pattern from the book "Walk" by Jacquie Gering.

I'm just so in love with the whole thing! The diamond pattern is so pretty and I loved taking my time, both with the marking and the quilting. I love how it really takes the quilt to a new level. More professional, more special.

I also started sketching quilting ideas in my project notebook. A friend introduced me to some nice erasable pens (Pilot Frixion) that are super awesome for sketching. They're not smeary like pencils, they come in fun colors and really do erase!

My next goal is to choose a fun quilting pattern, then design a quilt that will show it off. I'm enjoying pairing that with my stashbusting goal. I'm really starting to see a dent in my stash!

And finally, my little helper cat Extra wants to say hi. She's totally into laying on quilts, rolling around, testing them out, you know, important helper type things. The two of us are looking forward to more quilting this weekend...we're hoping to finish quilting one quilt and binding two...but we'll see how it goes. We might want to cuddle and watch movies instead...