Two Finishes!

summer in the city

summer in the city2

summer in the city3

"Summer in the City" was a super fun and easy quilt to make. I had a charm pack of Urban Chicks Swell collection as well as some pieces of Summer in the City. I added just a couple other fabrics to make the pieced strips just a bit wider.

And then I added ric rac! I thought it would look really good with these fabrics and it exceeded my expectations! I'm not sure if it's necessary but I prewashed/dried my ric rac just to be safe.

I scored a yard of a hard to find print from the Swell line for the back. Then this quilt waited years for a binding...which took all of an hour or so.

I brought this quilt up north for photos and my mom really loved it. She asked if she could have it to use on her computer, now it's hers.

improv quilt

improv quilt2

improv quilt3

My second finish was also a quilt that only needed binding. This was an early attempt at scrappy improv. sewing. I REALLY enjoyed making this one. When I was piecing it, it reminded me of an M.C. Escher drawing of stairs I'd seen as a kid. So, this one is named Relativity.

The quilting on this one was so fun. I sewed straight lines until I felt like stopping and then I would turn the quilt 90 degrees and keep going. It's sort of an all-over boxy stipple or loop. I'm definitely going to try that one again.

This quilt is going to my cousin's new baby Nora. I haven't met her and probably won't for a very long time...but it's nice to know that she'll have a handmade quilt to keep her warm.

I'm excited to have two more quilts finished and on their way to their new homes. Little by little, bit by bit...


  1. congrats on your finishes! both are lovely but that ric rac really was inspired! it's funny that it's a summer collection b/c my first thought upon seeing it was that it looks like a Xmas quilt. i have a skein of self-striping yarn with very similar colors that is a Xmas skein.

  2. these are so pretty! I love them!


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