The Last Bit of August


grandpa shirt



I've been working so hard for the last couple of weeks. I completely overhauled my studio (more on that soon), threw a birthday bash for Ian, researched African waxed cloth in order to make a tablecloth for Ian's dad, decided on a layout for a pair of grandpa shirt quilts, sewed six tea towels (two with paper pieced hexagon flowers on them!), finished up a long overdue hat and made a significant dent in the Lintilla shawl.

August has been so nice, slowly finishing things bit by bit. I feel so good about finishing (and almost finishing) those two knitted gifts. I was so inspired to work on grandpa shirt quilts. I wanted to finish up every gift I ever started making for people. I was checking things off my list.

But all that came with a price. Two grandpa shirt quilts turned into four. Then I remembered all the woven scarves I'd planned to make as gifts last year before I had to quit because my hands hurt so badly. Knitting so much this month has aggravated my shoulder. And what about those orphan block quilts I was so excited to make. Oh, and I still haven't washed that waxed fabric because I'm scared of it!

And so, I'm calling a time-out. A truce, really. In what is left of August I will finish the Lintilla, hopefully by Saturday so I can block it and gift it on Monday. I will wash that scary fabric and finish the tablecloth for Ian's dad. I will finish organizing my studio and make a new cover for my ironing table. I will take the rest of August to finish up whatever I can, to tie up loose ends. And then I'm going to stop.

In September I want to take it slow and enjoy my favorite month of the year. I want to go apple picking with Ian, go to a vineyard for a wine tasting and eat dinners outside while the weather is still nice. We're going to the MN State Fair next week. I'm taking a week off of work, every day of which I'll eat breakfast out on the balcony. Ian just made a fresh batch of jam...oh yes, there will be jam!

I want to focus on just two projects. First, I will slowly knit my shawl for the knottygnome handspun knit-along. I will not overdo it, I will let my shoulder heal.

And second, I will make a quilt just for me. A Fly the Flag quilt inspired 100% by s.o.t.a.k handmade's quilt. I will cut into a long hoarded fabric. I will think happy thoughts about happy times. I will enjoy my newly organized, calm and beautiful studio. It's a good plan, I think.


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