The Boyfriend Hat


OMG, this hat is FINALLY finished! I started making it for Ian a year and a half ago. I love how it turned out but 1x1 rib is the worst! Also, grey is not very exciting, to me anyway.

But, as proof that my "slow and steady" plan is working, in just one month I managed to knit 6.5" of this hat. In the year and 5 months before that, I had only managed to knit 5.5". So, a little every day really adds up!

Ian says he loves it and it does look like the perfect fit. It's longer than his old hat which means more protection from the cold Minnesota winters. Making this hat for him was totally worth every boring, hand-hurting stitch.

In case you happen to love 1x1 rib, the pattern is The Boyfriend Hat, free from the The Purl Bee.


An aside: I remembered how much I do NOT like knitting with double pointed needles. Oh man, what a pain. At first they're exciting because it's something different and you're decreasing and you're almost done...but then they just get in the way and it stops being fun. They do make me feel like a "real" knitter, though. I don't really know why...they just do.

Up next on my slow and steady to-do list: finishing up the last repeat and ruffle edge on a Lintilla shawl (by end of August hopefully) and working on my Happy Half Moon shawl for the knottygnome handspun knit along. I have until the end of September to finish it. I think that's do-able!

happy half moon2


  1. ugh, an entire hat in 1x1 rib? AND you were carrying 2 yarns together? you deserve a medal for finishing it. just sayin'.


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