A Truth Both Awesome and Horrible

After seeing how many quilts I finished this year, I was excited (scared) to find out just how many unfinished and finished quilts I have. So, here we go...the awesome and horrible truth:

Quilts in progress (blocks started, pieces cut, some finished blocks, etc.): at least 19

improv log cabin2

dream on

Finished tops: 22

Orange and Blue

quilt tops

41 WIP's. All quilts. No table runners or mini's. Some baby quilts but not that many.

So...that's a lot. Right? Like, it's so many that I sort of feel bad. Like the kind of bad I feel when I eat too many cookies...happy because cookies taste good, bad because one just shouldn't eat so many cookies.

I also counted 40 finished quilts (I kept 11 (this includes Ian's quilts) and I gave 29 away).

Nicey Jane Quilt

I've been quilting since 2006...nearly 10 years. I can't believe I've started 81 quilts and finished 40 in that time. No, seriously, if I hadn't checked my math a million times, I would NOT have believed that. I wouldn't have believed it if those numbers had been cut in half!

41 WIP's...41 more quilts to give away or find room for in my home. That number is sobering. Ian's fear of dying under a pile of my quilts might not be so silly after all.

I'm not going to make a big resolution to finish up WIP's or anything. I'm just going to keep working on them and giving them away. Slow and steady, a little at a time. One good thing, though...I don't think I'll feel like starting anything new for a while!


  1. I think the title really says it all. How fun it will be to come up with different quilting patterns to finish them. You have inspired me to count mine now. Stay tuned! It may take a few days to find them all. :)

    1. I know, right! I'm still shocked at how many there are!! But I'm happy I know...now I can make a plan and actually finish them.

      I can't wait to see how many you have!

  2. ok now you are making me feel better about my UFOs. :-)

  3. I can't believe you have that many WIPS! I maybe have 10 if that. not bragging, I just thought that was a lot. Holy cow you got a lot of wips! it'll feel great as you finish them up though. and you've made so many, that's crazy too! I need to finish unpacking so I can get to sewing again!


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