Busy Days








6 woven scarves, one knit shawl, one knit scarf, one hand stitched Miss Juniper Kitty, 3 tiny dresses, one tiny tote bag, one tiny cowl and one tiny shawl. That's it, I've completed my "must finish by the holidays" to-do list.

Of course, I still have five woven scarves, one knit shawl and one quilt to finish up for gifts in January and February. It never ends. In the past I've felt frustrated by the never ending-ness of making gifts. Now, rather than feel that frustration and let it get me down, I prefer to think about how much I love giving gifts. No one is making me do this, it's my choice. So, now I embrace the busy times and feel a sense of satisfaction when I once again finish up a bunch of gifts at the last minute. And vow that next year will be different. Which it might be...I'm trying to change.

I'm also going to take some time to knit something just for me. Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-Along? Treat yo self!


  1. love that kitty! i think i might make one for my niece this year for her birthday.

  2. I checked the link to the shop for the doll patterns - holy pickles! Those are all so insanely adorable! I've been wanting to make dolls for a long time now but haven't really done any dimensional sewing, and these patterns look like a great place to start. The fox one kills me! In your experience, was the pattern pretty straightforward, or would it be more of the kind of thing a really experienced sewer would do?

    1. I know! These are so, so adorable! I'm actually working on the fox right now.

      I've tried many times to sew dolls and I HATE it! BUT! These dolls are really very fun to sew. They're basically the only ones I'll ever sew again.

      The pattern is definitely easy to follow. The entire doll is hand stitched which I love because sewing teeny tiny things on the machine sucks! If you can sew on a button, you can do a blanket stitch. I just take it one leg or arm or eye at a time...go slow and sew only when you feel like it.

      I will say that the clothes are a bit harder to make. Not that they're hard, they're just little and they are sewn by machine. I'm not excited to make the fox's clothes. They look tiny and annoying! But super cute! I'm going to give it my best and just remember that it's a kid's toy and they won't care.

      Plus, you always have me to ask if you get stuck on something. I can talk you through it.


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