Winter Warm








It's winter! On Monday we had our first snow of the season. Over two days, it snowed a few inches, enough to tuck everything under a blanket of white. And we are all warm inside our tiny house!

This weekend Ian helped me put up my design wall. It has been leaning haphazardly against the wall and blocking the power outlet and tipping over a few times for the past year. But no more! Now it's nice and secure and very high and I love, love, love it! I can't believe how tidy and spacious the room feels now that it isn't leaning and taking up that extra 6" of floor space.

Lately, I've felt a strong desire to start quilting again. Rather than start something new like I usually do, I've been working on some half finished quilts. It's been so fun to pull out old projects and sew some new blocks for them. Some are still interesting to me while others aren't quite my style anymore. But that's okay. I'm working on a plan to make sure those quilts end up in a home where they are loved.

The quilt I worked on this weekend is a European inspired great granny...lots of Eiffel Towers, London Eyes, maps of Paris and Buckingham Palace guards. And also kerchief girls, calligraphy, old keys and black (I never use black!) and dots and everything wonderful. Just a few grannies to go and then I can start sashing the blocks. Such quick progress! I love an already started quilt...a lot of the work is done already and the rest goes together so quickly!

I'm quite enjoying the change to the world outside the house and inside myself. Fresh snow and fresh's a good time to be in the studio. More to come soon!