So, this weekend I was going to make curtains...but then it was HOT and we don't have central air. So, instead, Ian and I went to Ikea to buy more bookshelves and a tv stand. Then we built them in the only room that has a window air conditioner. Then we spent all day in there putting stuff on the shelves. We managed to empty a bunch of boxes and I have lots of space to move around in my sewing room!

Yes, I can walk in there but I still haven't set up my sewing machine. It'll only take me a minute but curtains are annoying to sew so I'll probably put them off for another week.

And since I don't have any sewing to show you, you get pictures of bees. Lovely, fuzzy, oh-so-busy little bees. Don't worry, we have both kinds...honey and bumble. Nothing is too good for you, gentle readers!


  1. Love it. Thanks Crystal!

  2. i hate sewing curtains. i've lived in my house for 4 years and i'm still putting it off, though i did finally buy fabric.

  3. Great shots. I haven't visited your blog in soo long. It's nice to see that you still post on it occasionally. I hope your new home is wonderful and cozy.


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