It's Just Like a REAL Sock!

You guys, check it out: I'm knitting socks!

seawash sock

Well, one sock...but it's my new favorite thing! When I first started knitting a few months ago I briefly thought about and then quickly dismissed the idea of knitting socks. They mostly seem fussy and difficult and I don't even wear colorful socks anyway.

But then I saw knitted socks everywhere. And they were so cute and bright and pretty and maybe I could just give them a try once and maybe I could wear them with pajamas or something.

But then I remembered how I never want to use double pointed needles ever again. No thank you, socks!

But then I saw Amanda's super cute pair of pink sock-toes and my whole world changed. You don't need to use dpn's to knit socks. And you can knit them from the toe up! And you can knit two at a time!!

Absolutely every one of my reservations fell away and I immediately bought a book, a bunch of gorgeous and super flippin' bright sock yarn, and a pair of circular needles.

sock yarn

So far I love making socks! Do you? Tell me all about it!!


  1. man I love all that yarn! Your socks are going to be amazing. I can't wait to see them!

  2. oooooh ... socks are my absolute favorite thing to knit. they're as simple or complex as you like, and easy to alter if you prefer a different heel or toe or lace pattern or or or, and they're fast but not TOO fast, and tremendously portable. and if you knit toe-up, you can use every bit of the skein. i hate leftovers!

    and turning the heel is magical. every time.

    i've never knit two at a time, though ... that's not my thing.


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