Goodbye Jane

So, um, do you remember when I decided to start a Dear Jane quilt...again? You know, for real this time?

Well, it was probably pretty obvious to everyone but me that I would give up on this quilt, pretty much right away. I think it's time to accept the inevitable: after starting this quilt 3 different times, I'm saying goodbye to my dearest Jane. I have over a dozen blocks finished and quilted and I'm looking forward to turning them into a mini quilt. That way Jane can always be with me.

I have more thoughts about what draws me back to this quilt and why I lose interest so quickly...and all those thoughts are leading to new, more fulfilling quilt-related plans. More on that later.

For now, I want to show you what I made from all the Liberty triangles I'd already cut for the border of the Dear Jane quilt:

Liberty Triangle

I'd saved all the triangle scraps leftover from cutting the large triangles and thought it would be fun to sew everything back together. I love the crazy, slanty triangles and the mash-up of these tiny Liberty prints. I can't wait to finish this little quilt and get better looks so much better in person.

Liberty Triangle2


  1. it's very pretty! i don't think there's any shame in giving up on a project. life is to short to slog away at something you don't love.

  2. That will be a very cute little quilt.

  3. this might be my new favorite of everything you've ever made! it's gloriously riotous.

  4. love this! It's going to be a perfect baby quilt.


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