Yarn...Not So Scary After All

I'm back from The Yarnery! The store was so nice and cozy and everyone was really friendly. Except...there was a lot of yarn and I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to yarn! I looked all around the tiny store trying to find something similar to the yarn recommended in the handwarmers tutorial. They don't carry MadelineTosh on their website so I knew this would be a bit tricky. After a while, someone came up to me and asked if I needed help (in a way that didn't make it seem like she KNEW I needed help, you know?)

I just sort of held out my piece of paper and mumbled something about needing a yarn to make this and she said "Oh, you're in luck...we just got a shipment of that very yarn! It goes really fast!"

You guys!...I'm never this lucky! I was in shock! I also think I was super annoying. I kept saying things like "These are SO beautiful! I can't believe you have this yarn! Oh, this one is the most beautiful of them ALL! I can't believe you actually have this yarn!" And so on...

They only had a dozen or so colors and I picked the very best ones. I think I'll use these (Antique Lace, Cove and Turquoise) all together in a handwarmer:

Tosh Merino Light Antique Lace
Tosh Merino Light Cove
Tosh Merino Light Turquoise

This one (Nebula) is lighter than in the picture and will make a beautiful handwarmer all on its own:

Tosh merino Light Nebula

And after all that, I was so excited that I forgot to buy needles. Thankfully, I remembered before I left the store and the same woman helped me pick the right kind. So, if you're ever in St. Paul, MN, and have a yarn emergency, check out the Yarnery...they're really nice and not scary at all!

Now I just have to figure out how to use double pointed needles and I'll be all set. Does anyone have any tips or things I really need to know? I'm totally new at this so any help will be much appreciated.


  1. Wow, what gorgeous yarn! I have no tips on double-pointed needles. They scare me...

  2. oh, Crystal - that is so freaking pretty! I am (of course) delighted you're getting more into knitting ...

    Double-pointed needles are very simple to use; they're exactly the same as normal needles, really, except there are more of them. So the thing to remember is that you're only working with two needles at a time; just let the other ones stay out of your way.
    It can be difficult to cast on with DPNs, though. What I do is cast on all the stitches to a single needle (just as you would on regular needles), move over howevermany stitches need to be on the other needles, and join in the round.
    And the first few rows are the most difficult. Just be patient with yourself.

    If you're really having problems, you can modify the pattern to knit a few rows flat (back and forth), and then join the ends to work in the round. That helps. You'd have to sew up those rows afterwards, of course, but that shouldn't be a problem for you!

    At any rate ... you're brilliant, and you'll be fine :)

    -- jane!

  3. Yay happy yarn store experiences! My dpn advice is to make sure your row doesn't get twisted when you cast on or you'll have an unworkable mess. I also switch my first and last cast on stitches when joining in the round. Good luck!

  4. I love your colors but I especially LOVE the bottom one! omg...that's one of the prettiest colors of yarn I've ever seen! You're making me want to grab a hook or needles and make something! But unfortunately all I can really make are dish cloths or blankets.

    I bet there is a gorgeous deep purple.....now that...would be amazing! (I know.....you HATE purple....but I love it and deep purple is so hard to find!)

  5. Oh, man. That turquoise yarn is beautiful. I can't wait to see your progress on these handwarmers!


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