Loulouthi Tiles Quilts

I love any excuse to make a quilt, as you well know. A coincidence: my very lovely neighbors are expecting their 7th baby later this month. Can you believe it took me until just one week ago to realize that I should make them a baby quilt? Um, hello! I have no idea why I didn't think of it sooner.

And since I didn't want the other kids to feel left out, I decided to make a "family" quilt to give at the same time.

I decided to make both quilts using the Loulouthi Tiles pattern created by the lovely Rachel of Stitched in Color. I just have to take a minute to tell you that I'm in love with this quilt pattern. I'm so mad I didn't think of it myself! My favorite part about quilting is the fabric and I prefer simple patterns that allow the fabric to be the star. And in my world, Rachel's pattern has it all: large squares and rectangles (great for showing off large and small prints), crisp sashing and a design that looks complex but is easy and fast to put together. It's pretty much the perfect quilt! Thanks Rachel!

For the family quilt I chose the medium Loulouthi Tiles pattern:

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt

It took a while to pick out just the right fabrics but I'm so happy with the result. I'm completely in love with this color combination! If I had enough fabric left, I'd make another quilt just like it so I could keep one for myself. I especially love the colorful sashing around the larger rectangles. Rachel's pattern calls for all the sashing to be the same color so you can have space to show off your beautiful hand quilting. But since I was planning to machine quilt everything, I wanted something a bit more dramatic.

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt

It's backed with a Valori Wells flannel that matches one of the prints from the front.

The baby quilt was also super fun to make...I've been itching to use those Farmdale apples for a long time!

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt

I decided to spice it up by using squares to create the large blocks. I had to tweak the size of the rectangles just a bit to get it to work but it wasn't too difficult.

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt

I skipped the batting for this quilt...it's my new favorite way to make baby quilts since the drape is so soft. The backing is one of Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel prints.

I still can't believe I started and finished two quilts in one week. It helps that I stitched the binding on both quilts entirely by machine. This might be my new thing...I'm getting pretty good at it and it sure is fast!

I hope my neighbors like them...because if they don't, I just might ask for them back. Also, sorry for all the indoor photos...it was literally 100 degrees outside and my camera kept fogging up as soon as I stepped out the door. That and I didn't want my neighbors to see the quilts.

This will most likely be my last post before I leave for England for two weeks. I'll see you all as soon as I get back!