London Calling!

I promised you guys some exciting news and here it is: Ian and I are heading to merry'olde England in less than two weeks!

Echino London

We bought our plane tickets months ago but I was so busy with work and then the shutdown and then all the quilting that I sort of forgot to tell you about my trip. Actually, I've sort of forgotten to even think about my trip. I'm running out of time to get everything done!

Ian and I will meet his parents and sister in London and spend the first week sightseeing and visiting friends. Ian and I are staying on for another week to see any of the sights his parents weren't interested in visiting. We might take day trips to the countryside or stay overnight in Bath. I'd love to tour the lakes, Elizabeth Bennet style...but I'm not actually sure where the lakes are and I'm not sure how we'd get there.

Echino London

Anyway, I'm off to the store to find some appropriate capris and/or skirts for my travels. It's been years since I bought anything new and sadly, my old traveling clothes don't fit anymore. I also want to make a tote bag out of the Echino London print (purchased at Pink Chalk Fabrics). I need to get going! More later!