The Blustery Day

It's blustery outside. Our fence fell over and it even snowed for a few minutes. Starting tomorrow I'll be on vacation from work and I'm excited to spend the next five days up in my cozy studio. No special plans, just me and my sewing machine and my pajamas. Ian will be there too but he'll be busy planning lectures and reading philosophy essays bringing me coffee. A nice, quiet five obligations.

Except the fence...I suppose my neighbor will want me to do something about that.

morning glory

Since today is so dark, I'd like to show you something bright and pretty. I planted some fancy morning glories this spring. Somebody nibbled the stems of most of the plants, killing the vines above. But the few that managed to bloom were perfection.

morning glory

I'll be back after my vacation with (hopefully) lots of cool stuff to show you. Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!