April Projects

I was surprised to find that today is April 8. I'm not exactly sure how it got to be so late in the month...possibly I just lost track of time because I'm living April to the MAX! There's no time to acknowledge the date, I'm far too busy!

I've been making to-do lists...filling out a calendar, actually. Each day has a few manageable tasks that, at the end of the month, add up to a lot of work. I try not to be overwhelmed...one day at a time seems to help. But really, before the end of April I need to finish three Modify Tradition projects and two full sized quilts. In addition to that, I want to finish two small quilts and 57 hexagons.

sneak peek

In planning it all out on the calendar, I know I'll have to work like crazy to finish everything. And instead of making me feel overwhelmed, I find that all these "obligations" are interesting and satisfying and just plain fun. There's nothing I'm dreading working on and that makes everything manageable, keeps my panicking to a minimum.

mini paintbox quilt

May will include organizing, giving stuff away, finishing my Modify Tradition quilt from Round 1 (shame on me!) and making something from this little Honey Bun that Jen sent me:

verna honey bun

So maybe May will be a bit un-fun...I mean, I'm sure I'm going to have to mow the lawn at some point...but I'm not worried about May yet. I'm enjoying getting through April first.

What about you? What are your April goals?