Monday, February 24, 2014

House (and Heart) Warming

My dear friend Jane just sent me the most amazing housewarming present...a skein of yarn that she spun by hand for ME!...and in the most delicious colors! She doesn't like pink so you know this was a labor of love.


I searched around until I found the most perfect pattern. I wanted something with simple stitches that would show off the beautiful yarn. I also wanted something pretty that I could use and look at all the time.


Multnomah turned out to be the perfect pattern. It's a simple shawl but has pretty details like the lacy spine and the wavy lace border. I've never done waves or lace so it should be fun to try something a bit challenging in addition to the simple garter stitch.


As you can see, this yarn is going to make beautiful big stripes as it slowly transitions through the colors. I kept knitting after taking these pictures and now I'm through purple and the greeny/orange and almost to the blue.


This is where the photo shoot starts to go downhill. Vector is so naughty! He is efficient in his destruction.


And poor, sweet Extra-cat, who had been so-very-good this whole time and didn't touch the yarn at all, even though she so-very-much wanted to, could no longer suppress her kittycat nature after witnessing so much of Vector's naughtiness.


So, we were done photographing for the day.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dirty Panther Socks

Check it out, you guys...cables!!

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Dirty Panther. It's darker in person.

After watching several youtube videos, I finally understand what the heck is going on with cables. And it's not so hard after all. Perhaps my long dreamed of "bulky cable-knit sitting by the fire at cozy ski lodge" sweater could actually be real one day? All I know is that I'm one step closer.

I'm also one step closer to my dream of only wearing hand-knit socks. My first priority is black/black-ish socks to wear to work. I know cables don't really show up well with black yarn but that's sort of the point...if I make mistakes on my first cable experiment, they won't show. Also, knitting black socks is a bit boring and cables are making it more fun.

I'd like to knit at least 5 pairs so I can wear them all week at work and then wash them all at once on the weekends. I can knit a pair at least every other month so by next winter, I'll be all set!

And just so this post isn't all yarny, here's a picture of my brother's 4 month-old Goldendoodle Luna:


She's so tired!!