Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Modern Meadow

*sorry for the re-post...I'm working out some issues with my comments...all should be fixed now but let me know if you have any trouble.*

A few months ago, I bought a destash bundle from Angela at Fussy Cut. In addition to all the yardage, she included lots of pre-cut squares and rectangles. There were a lot of really great prints but my favorites, by far, were the Modern Meadow pieces.

Do you know how much I love Modern Meadow? I'm not sure I've ever talked about it before. I liked it when it first came out but I only bought a few prints when they went on sale. They sat on my shelf for a long time before I truly saw them. I felt like Mr. Darcy noticing Elizabeth...who went from not handsome enough to tempt him to one of the handsomest women of his acquaintance.

I'm fondest of the blue/green prints and already made a quilt top inspired by them. Unfortunately, I don't have many of the pink/green prints in my stash. Here's where Angela comes in...that very special box contained scraps in the pink/green colorway! I wanted to smash all those prints together, like a field of wildflowers. So I did:

modern meadow quilt top

This quilt is mine, all mine! Or at least it will be when I find a flannel for the back. Can anyone help me? Do you know of any flannel that will match this particular shade of green or pink? I'm at a loss!

Anyway, I'd love to hear about your Elizabeth Bennet fabric. You know, the one you grew to love despite all adversity?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Jamie Dress

This weekend, Karrie, her mom and I went to the historic St. Paul Hotel for an afternoon tea and fundraiser for the St. Paul City Ballet (my ballet school!). Between courses of tiny foods, mini fashion shows and raffles, we discussed our latest book for bookclub: A Room with a View.

I haven't had an excuse to dress up in a few years and as a result, none of my dresses quite fit me anymore. Rather than buy a new dress, I decided it was time to try making one.

Jamie Dress

The pattern is the fabulous Jamie Dress designed by Jennifer Paganelli. The fabric is Fantasia Poppies in Grey/Lime. The sash is a thin cotton sateen and the bodice is lined with dupioni silk. The sweater is from Target.

Jamie Dress

The only reason I was able to make this dress (in time for the tea or at all!) is because of Jennifer's gorgeous pattern. Her directions are clear and easy to understand and the dress came together quickly. I estimate it took about 20 hours from printing the pattern to wearing the finished dress. I have no idea if that's a long time or not but for a first dress, I'm inclined to say that it's not too bad.

I made just a few alterations to the pattern:
-I raised the front bodice by about 1"...I didn't want to be too scandalous at the tea!
-I continued the ruched sash to the back bodice.
-I made the shoulder straps half as wide.

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking to make a versatile and flattering dress. I'm already making plans to re-make it in other fabrics. I have a killer red/black shot dupioni silk that would be perfect for an evening out on the town. Whatever that is...

And since I'm excited to make dresses, can anyone recommend an easy-ish dress pattern that you absolutely love to make? Not that I mind having a million Jamie dresses but, you know...a girl needs options!