Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ian and I took a nature walk this weekend. We saw snails:

snail shells, empty

And vines:


And nests:


And "a prettyish kind of a little wilderness":


Just lovely.

Twilight Fest, 2009

Karrie and I took the day off of work to see New Moon on Friday:

new moon

And we got there early to beat the crowds...but there wasn't a crowd:

new moon 5

But we had lots of Edward themed goodies to keep us busy until the movie started:

new moon 2

And then we loved the movie so much that we bought tickets for the next showing:

new moon 3

And then it was dark and we had dinner and we saw the not quite so new moon on the's not very impressive in the picture so you can check out my Team Edward shirt instead:

new moon 4

I promise I won't go on and on about the movie but I absolutely loved it! I went to see it again last night with my grandma and my mom. I'm thoroughly dazzled...*swoon*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mystery mail!

I've been meaning to tell you about my mystery mail for two weeks now. First, Jen sent me these beautiful dishcloths:

dishcloths from Jennifer

The knit cloth must have taken forever and the crocheted cloth has a really neat pattern. I love them both and she even passed along the pattern for the crochet. I might even have time to try it out this weekend!

And then there was the scarf:

scarf from Jennifer

If the picture looks blurry it's because the yarn is so soft and fuzzy. It seriously feels like kittens or bunnies against your skin...but it's made of polyamide, no bunnies at all! I would have bet money it had angora in it. Anyway, Jen says it's Yarn Bee brand from Hobby Lobby..."Cameo" (color is Cerulean Agate #227).

Apparently, there's a Hobby Lobby on my way to the cabin. We might have to stop in on our way up for Thanksgiving. Poor Ian...but if he's good, he might get a fuzzy faux-bunny scarf for his troubles. I think everyone needs a scarf made out of this yarn. It is, in all honesty, the softest yarn I've ever felt. Thanks again, Jen! I love everything!

More log cabins.

I've been working on another "use it up" project...a tree skirt to go under my new, white holiday tree. My grandma wants to host the family party this year so I need to get the house spruced up...otherwise I'd skip the decorating entirely.

Since I'm no longer participating in the craft fair, I have all this holiday fabric to use up and I'm doing my best with these little log cabins:

tree skirt log cabin

I got the idea from the Crazy Mom Quilts tree skirt tutorial. My plan is to fill the entire top with log cabins instead of just a border. And the back will be pieces of coordinating fabrics so it's reversible.

I have just over a month to finish it...and I might even make stockings for our fake fireplace.

Have you already started your plans for the holiday season?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost in Translation

I'm having a Lost in Translation sort of day. For unknown reasons, I feel a little empty, a little sad...but mostly I feel detached, floating, not able to express myself. Everything comes out...not quite right. It gets lost in translation.

I don't want to admit it but I think this mood has something to do with my quilting fabric. As in, I buy it but never use it. And it sits on my shelves looking a little empty, a little sad. It was all supposed to turn into beautiful quilts but the ideas have been lost in it just sits there, unable to express itself.

I'm curious to see just how many quilts I can make without buying any new fabric. I bet it's a depressingly (and excitingly) huge amount.

So, that's the buying new fabric until I make a significant dent in my stash. I hate doing this (and have actively resisted doing this in the past) because I like to support etsy sellers (and other small businesses) in these hard times. But I know I've done a ridiculous amount of supporting over the past year so I don't feel too bad.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule. I'm going to let myself buy:

1) some of the green and pink prints in Sandi Henderson's new Meadowsweet collection (late November, get here already!)

2) white or off-white fabric as necessary

3) any "must have or I'll regret it forever" fabrics that come out (still kicking myself for not buying some Lush paint by number deer fabric the moment it came out.)

4) a print that I love, love, love and use in just about every quilt (some of the ginger blossom prints for example) only if they're on a too good to pass up super sale, like, $4 a yard or something crazy like that.

That sounds like a lot of exceptions but I think it's still a valiant goal. Note that I didn't mention anything about fabric for the backs of quilts. Oh yes, that's the killer...I have to use stash fabric on the backs which, no matter how cool the back looks, feels wasteful to me. I know I'll have double-sided quilts but it still makes me cringe to see all that beautiful fabric on the back instead of the front. I mean, you can only see one side at a time! I'm going to spend a lot of time at the Quilt Backs flickr pool, I think.

The challenge has already begun. Since I've been working with blue and green for the Modify Tradition project, I've felt like working with more blues and greens. I'm now up to 15 log cabins:

blue and green log cabins

It felt really good raiding my scrap bin and it even felt good cutting into my stash to make longer strips for the larger blocks. And I made some more scraps as I went along (even though I tried to avoid this) so these fabrics will end up in another quilt someday. And I feel really good about that.

And I feel really good about my plan, although I know it's not much of a sacrifice. I'll show you a picture of my stash once I finish ironing and folding the huge "washed but still not ironed" pile. And I'm going to give away some of the prints I sort of like but don't really like...and I know that's probably a crappy giveaway but maybe someone will want it. So stay tuned!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A long week

Hey everyone! Our first tutorial is up at Modify Tradition.

nine patch

We're starting simple but we'll move to more challenging blocks as we go along.

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. In just the last week my grandma was in the hospital (I rode in the ambulance!), my mom came into town, Ian was super sick (we had to cancel Halloween but we're having a make-up Halloween this weekend) and the furnace went out twice. I haven't had any time for sewing or picture taking or anything fun.

Everything is slowly returning to normal: grandma is out of the hospital, Ian is feeling better and they showed me how to fix the furnace if it goes out again. I have tonight and most of tomorrow all to myself and I'm so excited to do some sewing and picture taking (I got something in the mail that I can't wait to show you) and maybe I'll make scones (I bought everything but haven't had the time to bake). I can't wait to take some time to be creative. I'll post about mystery mail, my projects and other fun things soon, promise.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Modify Tradition

Okay everyone, it's time to reveal the Super Secret Project:

Modify Tradition

Jennifer and I have started a blog dedicated to traditional quilting. I'm not really interested in traditional quilting so you know there has to be a twist.

Our goal is to give traditional quilt blocks some modern appeal, to bring new life to these historical blocks.

We'll post tutorials and inspiration each week and you can quilt along with us if you like. At the end of a few weeks, we'll have enough blocks to create a quilt...a sampler quilt. I HATE sampler quilts, don't you? But if we do it right, our samplers will look fresh and modern and hopefully you'll agree.

This week we'll post tips on picking colors and fabric and the first tutorial goes up on Friday. There'll be something for everyone (even if you don't want to quilt along with us) so please stop by if you're at all interested. It should be a fun challenge!